9 Pieces, 9 Outfits

As part of my clothes challenge, I wanted to stretch my outfit creativity and see just how versatile the pieces that I already have in my closet can be.  I always like when fashion editorials have segments on different outfits you can create with just a few key articles of clothing.  Even if you’re not personally striving for a minimalist wardrobe, these articles are still useful for when you have to condense your outfits to just a few items, like when you’re packing for a long vacation and don’t want to look like you’re wearing the same outfit every day.  I challenged myself to do the same thing, and am giving you tips on how to make this work yourself!

outfit collage

I know most minimalist wardrobes consist of solid neutrals and black pieces.  Those colors are classic and go with anything, and you can put together an outfit without thinking.  However, I could not live in a world without colors and prints!  So I started putting together these looks by centering them around one item in my closet that has a print I absolutely love- this floral peacoat:

floral peacoat

Then I chose other solid-colored items that matched colors found in the peacoat, like pinks, blues, greens, and black:

pink blazermint shirtgreen khaki dress caprisblack skirt

The next three items had to flexible.  I chose three neutrals or solids that I knew could match with any of the above pieces.  Jeans go with everything, a black and white blouse is classic, and a gray shirtdress would have no problem fitting into the mix:

skinny jeansportofino shirtshirt dress

Lastly, since I love prints, I chose to add one more top to the mix that shared the same color scheme as my other solid-colored pieces above.  This blouse has the blues, pinks, and greens that match with many of the pieces in this collection to allow for more outfit options:

patterned top


Here I’m going to break down each of the nine outfits, and also give clothing cred.  You won’t be able to find any of these pieces “hot off the racks” since I’m not buying clothing anymore and these aren’t new, but I’m sharing where I got each piece to show that you don’t need to shop pricey to have stellar style!

numbered pieces

1: black, high-waisted, pleated skirt- H&M, 2: hot pink blazer- H&M, 3: gray shirtdress with pockets and tie belt waist- Boston Store, 4: floral peacoat with tie belt waist- Kohl’s, 5: mint top- Target, 6: patterned blouse- The Limited, 7: olive green ankle dress pant- Target, 8: skinny jeans with ankle zipper detail- Kohl’s, 9: black and white Portofino shirt- Express

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1

Pieces 5, 6, & 7- The solid top is layered under the printed blouse for just a “hint of mint” at the sleeves.  The pants are structured but the hem is laid-back.  Casual Friday!

Outfit 2:

Outift 2

Pieces 1, 2, & 5- Play up the solids in this outfit with a colorful, matching statement necklace!  Add heels to make this a dressy look.

Outfit 3:

Outfit 3

Piece 3- This shirtdress is the perfect stand-alone piece.  Throw on a shirtdress like this one for a complete outfit without any thought!  This is the ultimate, easy-going look for a casual summer day.

Outfit 4:

Outfit 4

Pieces 2, 6, & 8- The patterned blouse this time is paired more informally with blue skinnies.  The pink blazer and heels add structure.

Outfit 5:

Outfit 5

Pieces 1 & 4- This is the dressiest of all the looks.  The floral peacoat that inspired all nine of these looks takes center stage.  The pattern on this peacoat is both vintage and modern, retro yet on-trend, making it timeless.  Black pointed-toe heels add to this classic look but aren’t a distraction.

Outfit 6:

Outfit 6

Pieces 2, 3, & 8- Here the shirtdress is styled in a new way, worn as a tunic under the blazer and over skinny jeans. It’s a put-together #ootd for any occasion!  Even the skinnies get a new twist in this outfit by being cuffed (to showcase those shoes of course)!

Outfit 7:

Outfit 7

Pieces 4, 7, & 9- The peacoat here is worn more like a blazer than an outer layer.  Keeping it untied and unbuttoned makes it easygoing.

Outift 8:

Outfit 9

Pieces 8 & 9- This a really simple outfit that gets dressed-up with a delicate, metallic necklace, neutral clutch, and black heels.  It’s perfect for date night or going out with friends.  If you haven’t heard of Express’s Portofino shirts, you have to check them out!  They come in all colors and patterns and look amazing with any outfit. I’m obsessed.  I own another one in lilac.  P.S. They even have a sleeveless cousin for summer!

Outfit 9:

Outfit 8

Pieces 5 & 7- The mint top finally gets worn by itself to show off the delicate sheer pattern around the back shoulders.


Which outfit is your fave? Share pics of the versatile pieces you own that go with everything!


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    1. Thanks!!! I’m really trying to get creative so that it looks like I have a different outfit every day, when really I’m just rewearing clothes and ‘shopping my closet.’

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