How to Make Chores ‘Less Boring’

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I really don’t like cleaning all that much.  Neither does my husband.  And even when I am in the mood to clean, as soon as I start a chore, I get bored after 15 minutes and want to switch to something else.  So I have to be creative in order to make cleaning… dare I say it… fun!?!  After all, my husband I are basically still little kids stuck in adult bodies.

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Here are a few ways we turn cleaning into a game.

Make everything into a competition.  Those towels aren’t going to fold themselves, but you can make it a race to see who folds their pile faster. Loser has to do the next load of laundry!  If you’re folding by yourself, you can race yourself too!  Just set a timer.  Even if you don’t have fun doing it, at least it will keep you focused so that you can finish your housework quickly and then go do something more fun!


‘Gamble’ to see who has to complete which chore.  The picture below shows our chore jar.  It’s a mason jar that I just filled with popsicle sticks.  Each popsicle stick has a chore on it to complete.  In the middle of the jar is a note card that says ‘Done.’  To see what you get stuck cleaning, simply choose a stick at random (no cheating)!  When you finish a chore, the stick you took from the front half of the jar now gets placed behind the ‘Done’ card in the back half of the jar (can you tell I’m a teacher?).  Ok so this doesn’t really make doing the chore itself more fun.  But at least it eliminates fighting over who has to clean the toilet when you leave it up to fate!

chore jar

Another fun way to do chores is to just play some AWESOME tunes and whistle while you work.  Again, you can make it into more of a game by switching chores after each song.  For example, if I’m doing dishes and my husband is dusting, we’ll each do that job for a whole song, and then switch jobs with each other when the next song comes on to prevent the monotony that is cleaning.  We recently purchased a record player and love listening to old AND new vinyls.


Alright, friends!  How do you make cleaning less of a bore?  Or were you blessed with more self-discipline than myself?  Leave a comment!

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