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The Clothes Challenge

This is a blog about blessings.

I enter the blogging world as a 25 year old recent college grad who is happily married to an adorable husband, with a wonderful teaching job, and a LOT OF STUDENT LOAN DEBT!

Now I know I just got done telling you this is a blog about BLESSINGS. And it is!  But it is because of this current debt situation my husband and I are in that we are truly starting to rethink what it means to be blessed… which is why I am committing myself to the CRAZIEST challenge for a clothes-a-holic like myself.

Starting today, I will not buy a single piece of clothing for an entire year.

This isn’t just new clothing I’m talking about.  I will not buy ANY clothing.  Nothing from the clearance rack, no clothes from thrift stores, won’t even look at garage sales.  No new-to-me clothing at all. Period.

Now I love a cute new outfit just as much as the next fashion lover.  I even pride myself on being a ‘fashion icon’ for my high school students (I’ll post my day-to-day school looks on here as this blog gets going- I have some pretty awesome ‘ootds’).  But as my hubby and I work to get out of debt so that God can continue to bless our family (remember this is a blog about blessings!), I’ve just realized that there’s no room for me to let the world influence me with its materialistic ways.

Here is a picture of my closet:


As you can see I have PLENTY of clothes, not to mention the shorts, jeans, and workout gear that I also have residing in drawers in my bedroom.  And there are so many people who have nothing!  I don’t even have to re-wear the same outfit twice in one month!

I’m really excited to see what affect this challenge has not only on our budget, but also on my attitude as well.  Will I be able to stay creative enough all year long with my wardrobe to fend off boredom?  Will I cave in and fail?  Will I stop caring about appearance and trendy clothing when the year is over with (I wish!)?  Follow me on my journey and find out!

What changes have you made to your budget that have had a major impact?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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